Pears AristocratKendall Hill Nursery grows and offers the Callery Pear tree, or Pyrus Calleryana . The Callery Pear trees are deciduous trees that grow rapidly. The symmetry of the tree lends itself well for use in somewhat formal settings, such as city streets, shopping centers, and office and industrial parks. Callery Pear trees are remarkably resistant to disease . It is used on parkways because of its great salt tolerance as well as profuse white blooming flowers in the spring.  Among the last of the trees to lose their leaves in the fall, the flowering pear is greatly appreciated for dark burgundy colored leaves that last well into late fall. It performs best in full sun and moist, well-drained soils. However, the Callery Pear is also adaptable to poor soils, clay soils, soils of various pH, and restricted root zones. It can successfully be grown in Zones 5 to 8.

  • General Description:
  • • Large Yellow Fruit with Smooth and Juicy White Flesh
  • • Need 6-8 Hours Sunlight Daily
  • • Need Water Daily
  • • Not Drought Tolerant
  • • Grows to 20' to 30' tall with 20' to 25’ spread
  • • Zones 5 to 8

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